Our Mission
Our mission is to revitalize the constitutional office of the Wisconsin State Treasurer; returning democratic control of their finances to the People of Wisconsin. By investing in Wisconsin we will build a sustainable economy of the People, by the People, and for the People. 

Time for Action

Our Republican State Treasurer has stripped the office of authority and responsibility and the Republican Assembly has now voted to ABOLISH the constitutional office of Wisconsin State Treasurer. They want to remove the oversight of an elected Treasurer and concentrate the State’s financial responsibilities in Governor Walker’s office. Electing an active, progressive, People's Treasurer is a major step toward regaining control over our own finances. 
Skyrocketing financial inequality is eroding our social fabric and destroying our democratic form of government! This increasing inequality places heavy burdens on the poor and middle class while a few wealthy families and corporations control unheard of wealth. When the Supreme Court says money is speech, and when some people have all the money, both our economy and our democracy are in grave danger.

The Problem: